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Mar. 26th, 2011


Vampire Knight 70th Night Translation "Ally"

I already belong to a translation group "mousou scans." Please ask for my permission first if you want to use this translation for any sort of purpose.

 *title page*
The reason I hold the fort---...?
70th night "Ally"

Passerby 1: Did you hear? such a terrible story
Passerby 2: Oh that---

Child: No I still want to play---
Mother: No. We must go home before it gets dark.
It's not safe around here these days.
I'm hoping the police will do something about it...
Come here.

Bartender: This place is for member's only.
Didn't you notice the sign up front?

Yuuki: Umm…

Bartender: Oh, you're of our "kind."
What do you want young lady?

Yuuki: Have you ever seen this person?

Bartender: Oh this is terrible.
It might get better if you drank blood from someone with an artistic taste

Yuuki: Or have you ever heard of rumors of a person recently targeting human children in particular

Bartender: Hey hey (物騒なことを:"don't mention such a dangerous thing")…

Kidnapper: Children?
What are you up to? (Who are you?)

Yuuki: Found you...
Last night you kidnapped two more kids...
Where are they...?

Kidnapper: Hey
Are you in any position to question me like that?

Yuuki: Yes
Because I want the children back

You can live without having human children's blood.
What you're doing is something you shouldn't be doing.

Kidnapper: You…?
Are you...
No...why would they be here…

Yuuki: Where is the child?

Yuuki: Oh I must have thrown it too hard
Hello? hey…

Zero: ……
He was my target…

Yuuki (in her thoughts): ...Zero
Yuuki: …Then you shouldn't have let him get away.
(in her thoughts): Are you alright...?

Zero: …It's not numbers you can handle by yourself.
It's been getting busy these days for us again.
There's been a couple of hunting tonight as well.
You must know who caused all this trouble……

Zero: There's a person who's been following you from the association.
Hand that guy over to him.

Rima: ---The nobles are running about in confusion looking for Kaname-sama.
On the other hand, his sister has decided to stay in the association...
What do you think, Shiki?

It seems that there's been something with that model over there

Model: I'm telling you! It's true!
A man has been walking way behind me
but he was right beside me after I closed my eyes for a second
He said "Oh…how unappetizing"…
I don't get it
It was really scary

Other model: Now now
Calm down
We still have shooting to do

Model: How irritating!

Shiki: …There's been terrifying stories coming up recently.
It's because the nobles who should be watching out for them don't have time for that.

Rima: We can't blame them.
What's most scary for the nobles is Kaname sama.

Rima: He killed the head of the Hanadagi family…and
then killed Aidou-san's father.
His intent is uncertain…
It must be scary…

The other purebloods are just silently observing what's out of their domain
It must be tough for his sister…

Maria's father: Maria

Maria: What is it, father?

Maria's father: I heard that Yuuki-san has been in the academy's day class
What was she like?
You've met her before, right?

Maria: What was she like…hmm…

Maria: …She was easy to talk to
And…she was always with the person from the hunter's family…

Why are you asking all of a sudden?

Maria's father: We've received an announcement from Yuuki-san as the current head of the Kuran family through the association.

Maria's mother: Darling!
Oh my!
We have a guest.

Yuuki: Good evening.

Maria: A…

Yuuki: Long time no see.
Do you remember me?

Noble 1: ---It seems that she is on the move.
Noble 2: ---Yes We've received an announcement through the association.
Noble 3: What can that little girl do...

Nobles: It would be far from possible for her to be a stead for Kaname sama.

Manager: Okay
Good work---
I'm glad we made it all right

Shiki: Rima
There's someone there.

Rima: Yes, I know.

Yuuki (in her thoughts): I
am trying to do what Zero won't like

Zero: You've been letting her walk around freely these days.
If it's to lure Kuran out, just make her go find him.
It's annoying. (It's an eyesore.)

Kaien: Yuuki won't go after Kaname-kun now.
She knows what she's supposed to be doing…

She always has a watch guard beside her.
More than we have for you---
That's our condition of letting her out.

Zero: …What can she do by herself.

Kaien: That's if she was doing this by herself.

Yagari: Oi
Do you have time now?

Kaien: Yeah
What is it, Yuuki?

Yuuki: Yes…
I have some favor to ask you

Kaien: ………What is it

Hanabusa: …What did you come here for

Zero: …Nothing in particular
Just to tell you that

the one you should be keeping an eye on is starting to cause trouble.
If you want to leave it as it is that's fine as well
But if it makes you concerned, go ask the association head or herself about the details.
That's it.

Hanabusa: You…
You've actually come here to see how I'm doing, right?

To see how I'm being seized by a feeling of enmity for Kaname-sama…
and toward her sister, too…

I would never be like that.

I'm not going to be like you.

No matter how hard it is right now...

Hanabusa: Damn it…
I'm thinking all the bad things…

Nobles: What…
Are you being serious…

Yuuki: Yes
I want to start Night class again.
I want to abide by the agreement between the association and my brother.
But there would be a limit to what I can do by myself…

Nobles: You shouldn't bother asking us nobles for permission.
You can do as you like with the power you pureblood have.

Yuuki: No…The night class should be made established upon cooperation.
I want peers whom I can follow the agreement together there.
I know I can find them if the night class was created upon cooperation.
want to get along with you all.
I also want to get along with humans as well…

Nobles: What are you thinking of doing about Kaname-sama…?

Nobles: Hanadagi-sama and Aidou-dono…
We can't deny the possibility that Kaname-sama might end up being our foe.
And yet you're still mentioning about night class instead of Kaname-sama…
I'm afraid
that right now there's no one who would want to work together with you.

Shiki: Not quite.
We'll join hands with you.

Rima: Because I understand what she wants to say.

Yuuki: Thank you Senpai(s.)

Shiki: …Aidou-san hasn't come, has he?

Rima: You didn't ask him…?

Yuuki: No…
I couldn't ask him just yet…

Rima: …I see…

Noble: …Well of course.
Now I will say this to you loud and clear.

Noble: We don't want to end up like Aidou-dono.
We don't have any guarantee that you won't do what Kaname-sama has done.
Aidou-dono's son must be more in suspicion than us.

Other noble: Or…will you punish us for disobeying you?

All the more
just use your pureblood powers to make us follow you

Yuuki: That is----

Hanabusa: She can't do such a thing.

Hanabusa: I believe her.

Noble: Aidou-dono's…

Hanabusa: Sorry for interrupting.
I'm her ally as well.

Yuuki: Please.

Sara: Hey Takuma
This letter
There's something interesting written here.

It says she wants you to be the head of the Night class

I guess it's to be expected since Kaname-sama isn't here anymore

Sara: Oh my
Such a scary face

Hey…I want to go to Night class as well
together with my cute valets…

Can I…?

Feb. 24th, 2011


Vampire Knight 69th night translation "I am Yuuki Kuran"

*colored pages*
held captive by hunters
my heart has been bound far away
but I...

When I thought I was human
I couldn't feel

Disappeared Kaname and detained Yuuki...what will happen!?

that the atmosphere looming over the association headquarters
belongs to that woman

Kaien: What happened?
Come, there's nothing to be scared of

Yuuki: ...I don't have a taming spell on me
so I can't go in here (the association)...

Kaien: It's okay
Those heavy cuffs will protect you from the trap

Kaien: Come this way


Kaien: Kiryu-kun, where are you going!?

Zero: I have to go on an emergent hunting

Maria: Father Mother

Maria's father: What is it, Maria?

Maria's mother: It's a good thing that she's well but...

Maria: I'm sorry
I used the bird's eyes and ears and heard the nobles rumouring

Kaname-sama...The head of the Kuran's has disappeared

Noble vampire 1: I can't find a reason for Kaname sama to kill Nagamichi Aidou-dono
<finally his first name! lol>

Noble vampire 2: Has he gone raving mad like Rido-sama...

Is that why he has put hands on one of the pure-bloods; the head of the Hanadagi family...?

Maid of the Shouto family: ...Is it bad news? Isaya-sama

Isaya: Well well...
The reputation of the purebloods will be damaged...again

Maid: You'll be all right, Isaya-sama

Isaya: ...It'll be the same for the hunters though


Hunter 1: What do you think of this girl?

Hunter 2: Well...
If I were to compare her to the two purebloods I've seen
she seems normal as a vampire...

That's what makes her creepy as well

Kaien: So Yuuki Kuran
You really don't know anything about where Kaname Kuran's heading or his objective?

Yuuki: ...I haven't heard anything from him
(...He hasn't told me anything about it)

Kaien: As the sister and the virtual fiancee of the leader of the whole purebloods
and as a member of the once royal Kuran family
what do you think are the reasons for your brother's actions?

Yuuki: I know he has been trying to live together with me by my side
That's a fact
I can only talk about his intentions with countless speculations...

Kaien: I see
I'll have to throw my hands up now that you don't even know
We'll have to ask him directly...

Yuuki:I'll go find him and ask
So I've come here to tell you that I don't want anyone to stand in my way

don't stand in my way

Kaien: Yuuki...
Do you know the treaty between us and Kaname-kun----the head of the Kuran's?

Yuuki: .....Peaceful order among the vampires and prohibition of assaultive contact to humans
as well as cooporation to the associaion...
the representative must endeavor to conform these

Kaien: You do understand
Kaname-kun has made a promise between us upon his Kuran's blood
You as his sister have the obligation to keep the promise upon the same blood

If you don't get support from the noble vampires as the alternate head
some other pureblood might come to the forefront
I don't know what will happen in the future but------

it's true that the the fact that Kaname-kun has disappeared is already known

the cunning vampires who were always trying to find a chance to do bad things
have started taking action...

what's happening right now is the same as what happened after the council has vanished...
frustrating but we have to take measures immediately

all right...
for now Yuuki, you should think
You can do as you like inside here (the assocation)

Kaito: Zero, that way

Zero: I know

Yuuki: ...Aidou-senpai
You can go back home if you wish
You didn't have to come all the way here with me...
I will take responsibility and ask that man...Kaname the reason...

but for now...please wait
I have something I have to do instead of him

Hanabusa: ...Yes, you must have

Yuuki: and the association have promised me to chase him down

Hanabusa: ...I have been told by Kaname-sama to take care of you
so I'm not going home...

why have father accepted it...

.........What are you doing?

Yuuki: I just felt like it...


Hey expert
This is the child I've regained from the target at the site
It seems that it was a vampire interferes with emotions
she's been like a doll all this time...

Expert: You haven't defeated the target yet?

Kaito: ...No

Expert: It's rare that Zero's been around and he let's him get away

Yuuki: ...I smelled blood so...
I sensed that someone might have been injured...

Kaito: ...That's always how it is here
Someone's always injured
This child has just a scratch

...You shouldn't come any closer to the child

Yuuki: ...This is how always
the helpless child gets targeted...


Is this the memory of what she has seen......?


*the girl crying*

Kaito: It's okay You'll see your mother soon

Yuuki: a...

Kaito: You...
"sucked" her memory and the interference

Yuuki: Yes...maybe that's what I did...

...Umm...(what happened to/where is)Zero...

Kaito: I'll be half killed by him if I tell you

*the girl crying*

Touga: Hey
We're busy

Kaien: Yuuki definitely... hates me now...

We've talked for the first time in a long time and I've hit her and interrogated her
I'm such a bad parent

Touga: oh so annoying

if you have something to do just come in, you idiot

Kaien: Yagari-kun
I don't think that's a good way for you to talk to my daughter

Yuuki: umm...excuse me for asking, but...
might as well...chairman umm...

Kaien: n?

Yuuki: I know it might be a bit difficult but is there any chance of starting something like night class again...

Kaien: Yuuki...
that might be a bit difficult...

Yuuki: a
It's okay

That's not actually what i've come for...

Chairman...no...head of the association
Please give me permission to leave here

Kaien: Why?

Yuuki: I am certainly a pureblood with the name Kuran
However it's not because i'm a "Kuran" or it's an "obligation"
I have to show them by action to gain acceptance of my ways

Please give me the permission to punish the vampire that ran away from Zero

I still want vampires and humans to get along

Kaien: ...Sure
then go

Touga: Hey...

I will definitely go after you Kaname
so for now
I have to get on to what I have to do---------

Jan. 24th, 2011


Vampire Knight 68 translation

Ruka: Kaname sama...

Ruka: Hurry, please let go of the weapon.
...I heard Hanabusa's outcry.
Kaname sama, you...(killed) Uncle Aidou...

Kaname:Let's go...Kaien Kurosu will soon be after us
Aidou, too as well as Yuuki

03*title page*
He has laid hands on one's life---why?


Yuuki in her thoughts:
I was watching Aidou-senpai quietly fall into his knees while my mind was still just blank

Kaien: You two stay here
I will go after Kaname-kun

Yuuki in her thoughts:
Kaname oniisama has killed Aidou senpai's father?

Yuuki in her thoughts:
he has KILLED him---------

Hanabusa: Why...!
Why did Kaname sama...

Yuuki in her thoughts:

Kaien: Kaname kun!

Kaien: ...Damn it...
I can't follow his presence any further...
I told you to stay there

Kaien: Wait

Yuuki: Let go...

Kaien: No!

Yuuki: Let go!

Kaien: Yuuki!

K: No. I can't let you go after him as your nurturing parent
What just happened right in front of our eyes are deviated from his past actions
I can't find a reason for Mr. Aidou to end up like that...!

Yuuki: ...I want to go, father

Yuuki in her thoughts: No...

Yuuki in her thoughts: No
I don't want to be apart from him like this


Yuuki in her thoughts: I can't bare it

Yuuki: Please...let go
I have to ask him why something like this happened...

I can't bare it

The long journey...
We were saying we would be going on it together...

not like this when I'm not at all convinced

I was thinking to take a step (with Kaname) myself...!

this time I wanted him to have the history of us together
engraved into his memories...
(sort of comparing to the past of Kaname and the woman in the ancestor years)

Let me go...

Yuuki: ...Nnh...

Let me go

Kaien: Yuuki!?

Yuuki: a...

Please let me go


Kaien: Yuuki...

Yuuki:...Kaname's presence is getting too far for me to follow...

Kaien: Yuuki I'm sorry but I can't let you go

Yuuki! It's not normal this time!!

Yuuki: What... I...?


Kaien: you'll have to listen to me quietly

all right?

Kaien: I was thinking that it was you just going back to where you should be...
but for you, your relationship with Kaname-kun has become something that's not so simple

Yuuki: I remember
the parting that I can't do anything about
having reasons I can't do anything about

That day
I did the same thing...

Kaien: Yuuki
The association has a role in hunting vampires
also we have a role in controlling the ones upsetting the balance of the vampire society
I have to detain you as material witness as well as a person of high risk
because you're his fiancee

Yuuki: ..chairman
Do you think
Aidou senpai
will be alright...

...he was crying...



Kaito: I'm impressed
You're helping the job of the head without a single complaint?
I thought you would either ignore all of it or just get it all done...

Zero: ...you're getting annoying Kaito
you don't have to be concerned at everything

Kaito: okay i'm sorry
but it's not worrying, it's called "observing"
so just don't care about it and let me be concerned about you

Zero: well that must be tiring...good job

Zero: You must be telling the guys outside the doors that i'm okay,
that i don't have any dangerous symptoms

Kaito: ...well yeah but you do understand there complicated feelings, don't you

a person that was an ally turning into an enemy all of a sudden because of vampires---
nowadays it rarely happens, but the sorrow has been imprinted in all of the hunters...

Secretary: Here, this is the next file
and here's tea

Zero: Thanks

Secretary: No problem

Kaito: You're really brusque...

Zero: ...and?

You haven't come here to tell me just that...

Kaito: There has been a word from the association head.
The head of the Kurans has been temporarily acknowledged as a dangerous vampire.
His sister has been captured as a vampire with high risk.

Z: I'm only here to do what I've been given to do.


Yuuki to the association----
Next chapter, front page/color!

Dec. 28th, 2010


Vampire Knight 67 translation -part 2-

Sara: ...Mr. Ouri...

I thank you for giving me the power to break Mr. Hanadagi's castle's protection...

The one following me thinking you've been hiding

come out


Mr. Aidou...

Come follow me...

Guard of the Hanadagi castle: Don't bother my master and his family's sleep...!

S: Such a manly and cute guard...Maybe I'll keep you

You're the head of the Hanadagi family, the pureblood taking a time off in this "sleeping castle"

Nice to meet you

You're next after Mr. Ouri

You're just wasting you're life anyways, right...?



You aren't that perished...

If he was desiccated, I would have made you the sacrificial lamb and made this person back to peak ripeness.

But I guess I didn't need to do that?

Mr. Aido...

Mr. Aidou: With all due respect, Sara-sama...please stop...!

Purebloods shouldn't start fighting each other

S: ...Yes, I suppose so...there are lots of people who would be troubled by that...

yes...if you are scared you can hide back until all of this is done

Guard of the Hanadagi family: Don't touch my master...!

S: You've woken up. Such a bother...To finish you off I guess I still need a hunter's hand, Mr. Hanadagi...

But I've gotten hold of the most powerful heart...

Mr. Aidou: Mr. Hanadagi

Mr. Hanadagi: How did that girl(b****) sneak through my castle's protection...?

Mr. Aidou: I… I beg your pardon…

It seems that Sara-sama has taken  Mr. Ouri's life...

She used that power to break the protection of the castle...

Mr. Hanadagi: Mr. Ouri has gotten killed by a weaker person than him...?

That greedy little girl must be exceptionally good at seducing people...

Tell me

everything that's happening right now


Moreover, I just can't help being thirsty right now...

Y: There

Kaien: Okay Hurry

Driver: Yes

...Why is a pureblood vampire on our wagon...

Hanabusa: You're highjacking a wagon now after running away from home

Right away after you noticed this car you just forcibly...

Y: Let me on!

Kaien: Yuuki

In this direction, there's the old castle of the Hanadagi's

Did Kaname-kun say anything to you?

Y: ------------------No...

Mr. Hanadagi: Even though my power is weakening because I've gotten my heart ripped off

I didn't think I would face resistance from you...

Mr. Aidou: Mr. Hanadagi...

Mr. Hanadagi: I'll say it once more

Give me all your blood and life


Mr. Aidou: Y...Yes...Mr...Hanadagi...


Thank you for saving...

No...You just killed Mr. Hanadagi, a pureblood!

K: Mr. Aidou...

Who decided that purebloods shouldn't be killed...

Mr. Aidou:...Kaname-sama...

I beg your pardon, however that's not...

K: You can't control your own socirty without purebloods...?

That's just like bees who can't act on its own without the Queen Bee

Surely you guys can't be that foolish...?

Mr. Aidou: Kaname-sama...Please let go of that cursed weapon

You yourself might not be without damage...

K:...Mr. Aidou

I want to talk to you for a bit right now...

Y: Kana...

Hanabusa: Father......

What did father...


K: I chose to live with you once...after vacillating...

However, I've chosen to execute my original plan...

I'm sorry...

Thank you Yuuki-------------------...


Vampire Knight 67 translation -part 1-

Now...fate "crosses"... again------

Yuuki (in her thoughts): I'll start over again

equally facing this man.

Kaname: ------It's time...

Yuuki: ...Are you heading somewhere...?

K: Yes...I am...

Y: Kaname?


Don't go anywhere today...

Read me a book like we used to when I was a kid

sticking together...

Drink my blood

as much as you want

You've been looking at me all this time like you want my blood...

K: I'll listen to your wish if you behave yourself and wait for me

Please stay home and take care of the house while I'm gone

...Thank you

...I have decided something all along

However there was an ambivalence in myself

That became larger day by day

Please don't (you) get lost (I hope you don't get lost)

Y:  Wa...

Wait Kaname oniisama!

Don't go

Sayori: ...kun


You're half-asleep!

It hurts Zero-kun

Zero: .........Oh, it's Wakaba...

S:...Who did you think it was?

...Zero-kun, the teacher says if you don't want to fail you should come right away

Let's hurry up

I'll get yelled as well-----

.........Did you think it was Yuuki?

The Yuuki I met at the ball the other day...

I'm relieved to see her trying hard

That girl...

really...she hasn't changed...


...Are you all right?

Z: It's nothing

Hanabusa: Let go! Don't touch me you rude people (I'll freeze you)

Kaien: You can do him up by force

I'll return you since there isn't any reason to put you here as a witness


H: I'm staying here so I can spy-----------!!!

Other hunters: Good for you! You can go home now


Yuuki: It's cold...

I'm going...

Y (In her thoughts): I think I have to stay by his side

by his side

Aug. 11th, 2009


Hino-sensei's blog!

Hi there,
I'm a Japanese girl currently living in Canada.
I'm addicted to the Vampire Knight series♥♥
This is my first post here!

I just found out yesterday that Hino-sensei has a blog!
I didn't know this before, and I was really surprised/happy(>▽<*)

Also, when I read through her posts,
I found one entry which she posted her picture on(July 22, 2009)
It's a little blurry, but she looks beautiful wearing her yukata!
She should be 30ish but she looks like she's in her 20s!

She writes some entries about Vampire Knight, mostly in the お知らせ category.
(about the cosplay contest & the limited papers and stuff...)
I'm really looking forward to her next post(/∀\*)